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Zev Fisher Photography is me...Zev.

As a teenager, I discovered my love for photography and built myself a darkroom in my parent's basement. When I realized I needed to learn more about the craft, I attended the New England School of Photography where I learned the technical knowledge you can't teach yourself in a basement. I then continued my studies at the Art Institute of Boston, earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in photography. It was here that I combined my technical background with a classical art education - an approach that I brought into my work with weddings.

As a wedding photographer, my style is natural, personal and authentic. I'm an observer. I'm the person who looks around and wants to make sure everyone feels comfortable. I'm a pro at bustling a dress, keeping people on timelines, easing anxieties. In my 10+ years of photographing weddings, I've mastered the technical, artsy, and practical aspects of what a great photographer should be. And, I also treat every single wedding like a blank slate. It's the people and experience that dictates the beauty that gets captured...and that's the beauty of it.

As I viewed my own wedding photos, I was stunned to find a picture of my brother-in-law tearing up during our ceremony. While I've always focused on primarily capturing the bride and groom on the day, seeing this image of his emotional reaction moved me so much and helped me see how important it is to not only capture the major events, but also focus on seeking out hidden moments like this that could potentially get lost behind those bigger moments.

A wedding is a story about love. It's a story about commitment. I hope you'll let me visually capture your story for you.