Lenox Hotel Boston Wedding: Kayla & Albert

Thursday, Jan 5, 2017Weddings
The striking view from the Lenox Hotel of the Boston skyline at night, in black and white.
Groom and groomsmen getting ready tying their bowties in the mirror at the hotel room.
Groomsman getting ready in the hotel suite, looking in the mirror tying his bow tie.
Groomsman getting ready in the hotel room, using his iPhone camera to adjust his bow tie.
Groomsmen getting ready and hanging out in the hotel room, laughing and watching the game on TV.
Groom sits on bed in hotel room and reads through his hand-written vows, making final touches.
Close up of groom getting ready in hotel room, fastening his watch and putting his cuff links on.
Groom and groomsmen at hotel putting final touches on their tuxes, pocket squares, and cuff links.
Bride's gift to the groom, and the view from the Lenox hotel looking down on rainy Boylston Street.
Detail of wedding invitation stationary, envelope, and bride's and bridesmaid's bouquets.
Bride and bridesmaids having fun getting ready in the hotel room taking a selfie and smiling.
Close up of bridesmaid popping a bottle of champagne for everyone to share while getting ready.
Bride sitting on the couch in the hotel room, opening her wedding gift from the groom.
Bride opening gift from groom: a watch from Saks Fifth Avenue, and candid of bridesmaids reacting.
Bride getting ready putting on her earrings with natural light from the window in the background.
Bridesmaid getting her makeup done, and a detail of her salmon pink earrings and black lace dress.
Black and white detail of lace wedding dress, elegant dress hanging with reflections in background.
Bridesmaid and mother of the bride take wedding dress off the hanger, in dramatic black and white.
Peeking through French doors at the bride, bridesmaids helping the bride get into her wedding dress.
Details of the bride getting ready, the beads and lace of her dress, crystal earrings, and perfume.
Bride holding hands with bridemaid smiling and excited, bridesmaids button the back of wedding dress
Mother of the bride seeing her beautiful daughter for the first time, bride smiling at her mother.
Candid of bridemaid looking at bride and smiling.
Detail of bride looking away and wearing long flowing veil and crystal earrings.
Peeking around the corner at bride and bridemaid walking down the street in the rain, laughing
Bride from behind walking up the stairs at the elegant marble entrance to the Boston Public Library.
First look with the groom, bride from behind and groom's reaction smiling and holding hands.
Looking down at bride and groom's first look from above, wide dramatic black and white shot
Bride and groom on the marble stairs, smiling and looking away, large windows cast natural light.
Silhouette of bride and groom holding each other, smiling and looking at each other in doorway.
Bride and groom first look walking together and smiling in courtyard of Boston Lublic Library.
Playful bride and groom portraits looking at each other in courtyard at Boston Public Library.
Bride and groom first look walking together outside, huddling together under umbrella.
Peeking around the corner at bride and groom walking together under umbrella, smiling.
Bride and groom first look walking on Boylston street on a rainy day, kissing under umbrella.
The bare branches of the trees in winter create poetic flowing lines, with an overcast sky.
Looking up at the facade of building at MIT with large Roman columns.
Bride and bridal party portrait looking at each other, smiling in garden with architectural columns.
Playful detail of bridesmaids standing in a row, holding bouquets and bride wearing blue galoshes.
Casual bridal party portrait with Roman columns and antiquated architectural elements at MIT
Silly groomsmen portrait, standing in a row and laughing in garden at MI.
Detail of the top of the church where the ceremony will be held, surreal and tilt shift focus style.
Candid wedding guest from behind anticipating the ceremony, with abstract architecture elements.
Candidates of wedding guests finding their seats and laughing and talking amongst each other.
Bride walking down the aisle from behind, with bridal party circling altar, at magical MIT chapel.
Father of the bride gives away his daughter and hugs the groom in an emotional embrace.
Hanging glass sculpture creates whimsical patterns behind altar, bride and groom smiling.
Groom holds back tears as he looks at his beautiful bride during the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom hold hands, look at each other during ceremony next to reflecting glass sculpture.
Peeking between people to see best man with a big happy smile during ceremony.
Bride and groom stand next to each other and listen intently to priest conducting ceremony.
Groomsmen stand in a line in front of brick wall, intently watching ceremony unfold.
Wide shot of the bride and groom standing at the altar looking at each other with beautiful light.
Dramatic black and white of bride looking away during ceremony with natural light falling from above
Bride and groom laughing at the altar, epic natural light and whimsical patterns in the background.
Peering down the aisle at the bride and groom holding hands at the altar at the MIT chapel.
Bride and groom pull each other in lovingly and kiss at altar in front of large artistic sculture.
Wedding guests embrace bride and groom, smiling and congratulating them after the ceremony.
Casual and posed intimate family portraits in front of the church after the ceremony, natural light.
Candid of bridesmaids helping bustle bride's dress outside the church on the rain-soaked path.
Candid portraits of bride and groom smiling together after the wedding ceremony, black and white.
Silly bride and groom stand in the aisle of the party trolley and chug from champagne bottles.
Bridesmaids being silly, making funny faces and holding champagne bottles.
Details of bride's bouquet with salmon pink and white peonies, white and black poppies, and sage.
Formal bridal party portrait in front of Boston brownstones, blooming magnolia trees in springtime.
Outside groomsman waves to little girls through window, cute moment.
Bride and groom walking together under lush pink and white blossoming magnolia trees.
Silly shot of bride from behind bending over to play with a passing dog on the sidewalk.
Passersby on the sidewalk smiling and clapping at the newly married couple.
Detail of bride and groom's shoes while standing outside Lenox Hotel Boston.
Detail of magnolia trees in full bloom, and the facade of the Lenox Hotel.
Wide shot of reception hall at Lenox with large dome, magenta lighting, and elegant architecture.
Details of the sweetheart table and the bride and groom's chairs with bouquets decorating the table.
Details of dome ceiling, antique lanterns, place settings, and centerpieces with flowers and candles
Close up of personalized menu at place setting, Kayla and Albert, April 26, 2014
Candids of wedding guests enjoy drinks, chatting, and signing guest book during cocktail hour.
Bride and groom hold each other closely, share their first dance in the middle of the reception hall
Bride and groom slow-dancing during first dance, close up of bride smiling at groom.
Bride and groom share their first dance at reception hall, groom holds and dips bride.
Best man and maid of honor make their toasts, bride and groom laugh and embrace maid of honor.
Bride smiles while sharing a dance with her father, and groom and his mother hug and share a dance.
Epic wide shot of pink lights and elegant decor at the reception hall at the Lenox hotel.
Guests being silly of the dance floor, man lifts woman in the air.
Guests having fun dancing on the dance floor with their arms up, singing.
Guest busting a move of the dance floor, while people cheer him on.
Couple slow-dancing and kissing on the dance floor. It's getting steamy!
Guests breaking it down on the dance floor.
Friends being silly and dancing on the dance floor at the reception.
Friends dancing in a circle on the dance floor at the wedding reception.
Girls working it on the dance floor.
Groom having fun with his buddies and cracking up on the dance floor.
Bride, groom, and friends make a circle and dance together on the dance floor.
Guests shout and throw their hands up on the dance floor.
Guests having fun dancing on the dance floor, in black and white.
Epic shot of the groom crowdsurfing on the dance floor, in black and white.
Bride and groom hold each other close and kissing on the dance floor, in black and white.
Bride and groom on the roof of the Lenox Hotel sharing a quiet moment together at end of the night.
Bride and groom hold each other and kiss in elevator as doors close, epic lighting.