Wychmere Beach Club Cape Cod Wedding: Carly & James

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018Weddings
arly and James were married at the Wychmere Beach Club, a gorgeous Longwood Events venue in Harwich Port, Cape Cod. This awesome couple created the perfect beach wedding, with airy sea green bridesmaids dresses, linen suits, driftwood centerpieces and of course, a ceremony with an ocean view. The best part was how...much...fun Carly and James had...check out her kick-ass jump and the portrait antics by the bridal party! My favorite weddings are the ones where the couple doesn't take themselves too seriously and just soak up the joy of the day. Huge shout outs to Longwood Events at Wychmere, the amazing band Freestyle from Wilson Stevens and my associate photographer Bailey Quinlan!
Groom kissing his bride on her forehead as they pose for an elegant black and white portrait.
Bridesmaid wearing a seashell robe standing facing towards sea foam colored bridesmaid dresses.
Two bridesmaids wearing seashell pajamas look at each other and smile while getting ready.
Bride does a split jump in front of her bridesmaids who are posing and looking in awe.
Wedding details of the brides wedding gown and her sequence silver shoes.
Bridesmaids wearing seashell getting ready outfits help bride zip up the back of her wedding dress.
Solo portraits of the bride capturing details of her hair and gown, shown in black and white.
Bride standing at the top of a staircase looking down at her gown.
Bride descending a staircase to a group of bridesmaids wearing seashell pjs and smiling at her.
Details of the grooms ocean themed getting ready space, with his white suit hanging on a bookcase.
Groom hugging groomsmen as they are getting ready on their back patio before the wedding.
Dog walking around the groomsmen feet as they are getting ready at the beach house for the wedding.
Details of the groom getting ready by tying his leather shoes on an ornate rug and funky socks.
Groom wearing a cream colored suit putting on his jacket getting ready for his wedding.
Detail of the groom fixing his suits sleeves over his watch.
Solo portraits o the groom standing on his patio after getting ready.
Groomsmen driving with their dog to the Wychmere Beach Club for the wedding ceremony.
Wychmere Beach Club building with greenery before Carly and James's wedding.
Bride walking around the corner at Wychmere Beach Club for the first look with her husband.
Husbands first look reaction as he sees his future wife for the first time.
Bride and groom portraits of him spinning her and of them standing together smiling looking down.
Bride and groom walking hand in hand walking down a gravel path at the Wychmere Beach Club.
Candid portrait of the bride and groom holding onto each other laughing with a large bouquet.
Bride and groom posing for a traditional full body wedding portrait and sitting with their dog.
Wedding portrait of the bride and groom next to a twisting tree and a close up of the bride smiling.
Bride and groom petting their dog on their wedding day before the ceremony.
Bride posing for a portrait with her bridesmaids in front of the ocean with bright pink flowers.
Candid shots of bridesmaids walking with the bride being silly and close up of their bouquets.
Bride posing for a wedding portrait with her bridesmaids who are dressed colorfully.
Bride with her bridesmaids posing funny on the Wychmere private beach dresses blowing in the wind.
Bride and Groom standing with their bridal party posing for a picture on Wychmere's private beach.
Groom and groomsmen walking on Wychmere Beach Club's private beach wearing cream suits.
Groom and groomsmen wearing cream colored suits posing for a wedding portrait on the beach.
Groomsmen and the groom posing and laughing during a wedding portrait in front of greenery.
Close up of the bridal bouquet with exotic flowers and the bride and groom walking down a board walk
Bride and groom wearing white posing for wedding portraits on the beach surrounded by greenery.
The bride and groom walking down the boardwalk together at the Wychmere Beach Club's private beach.
Wychmere Beach Club's outdoor ceremony space with bright colored flowers lining the aisle.
Wedding guests arriving for the ceremony and laughing with each other.
Young ring bearers wearing pink shirts carrying pillows walking down the wedding aisle
Bride being walked down the aisle by her father at the Wychmere Beach Club.
The bride and groom standing in front of a flower covered archway, and a detail of the flowers.
View of the groom and his groomsmen looking at the bride during the wedding ceremony.
View of the bride looking at her groom during the wedding ceremony.
Wedding guest clutching her hands over her chest and smiling as she watching the wedding ceremony.
The bride and grooms first kiss under an arch decorated with bright colored flowers.
Bride and groom walking down the aisle after their wedding ceremony holding hands.
The Harbor Room at the Wychmere Beach Club decorated elegantly with bright colored flowers.
Details of wedding tables at the Wychmere Beach Club with a relaxed colorful feeling.
Details of wedding table centerpieces with unique flowers, plants, and succulent.
Wedding table details of a colorful classy beach wedding with unique plants.
The Harbor Room at the Wychmere Beach Club decorated colorfully for a beach wedding.
Table of wedding guests cheering and holding up their glasses at Wychmere Beach Club.
Bride and groom walking into their reception at the Wychmere Beach Club surrounded by their guests.
Bride an grooms first dance at the Wychmere Beach Club with their bridal party and band in the back.
Bride and groom dancing at Wychmere Beach Club and the ring bearer dancing with his mom.
Two bridesmaids wearing sea foam dresses hugging and posing for a picture.
Bride and groom listening to a speech at the Wychmere Beach Club.
Wedding guests putting their glasses together in a toast at the Wychmere Beach Club.
A fish dinner at the Wychmere Beach Club.
The bride and groom kissing at the head table during the reception at the Wychmere Beach Club.
Bride and wedding guests dancing at their reception at the Wychmere Beach Club.