Charles River Esplanade Engagement Session: Katie & Kyle

Saturday, Oct 26, 2019Couples
Young couple posing casually for engagement portraits walking around the Back Bay Boston.
Katie and Kyle laughing while posing for engagement photos with brick buildings in Boston.
Katie and Kyle posing for a formal engagement portrait in front of a building in the Back Bay Boston
A young couple walking over a highway bridge in downtown Boston, posing for engagement photos.
Young engaged couple kissing on a bridge over a highway in Downtown Boston at sunset.
Young engaged couple sitting on the steps by the water in Boston during sunset.
Couple casually posing for engagement portraits by the water in Boston.
Wide angle photograph of a newly engaged couple kissing by the Charles River in Boston.
Katie and Kyle posing casually for an engagement session by the Charles River in Boston.
Couple posing for engagement portraits with a large tree growing in the Back Bay in Boston.
Couple walking towards the camera smiling and laughing while posing for engagement photos.
Girl putting her hand on her fiance's chest while posing casually for engagement portraits.
Engaged couple puts two nips together to cheer during their engagement portraits.
Bride and groom smiling before taking a shot from the nips small bottles during their engagement.
Three images of a young couple taking a shot of alcohol during their engagement session with Zev.
Couple kissing in the sunset by the Charles River in Boston during their engagement photo session.
Newly engaged couple walking out on the docks on the Charles River to pose for engagement photos.
Young couple standing lost in their own world posing for engagement photos on the Charles river
Guy spinning his fiancee during the sunset on the Charles River in Boston.
Geometric portrait of a young couple kissing in the Back Bay Boston.
Young couple holding onto each other and laughing at an Engagement photo session with Zev Fisher.
Young couple looking out over the Charles River during an engagement photo session.
Couple hugging each other and looking out over Downtown Boston.
Couple on the docks on the Charles River dancing with sailboats and the sunset in the background.
Wide angle of a couple on the docks on the Charles River silhouetted by the sunset and sailboats.
Couple standing next to an industrial railing laughing and posing casually for their engagement.