Congratulations on your engagement!

I am available for weddings throughout New England as well as destination weddings worldwide. Each collection includes full-day photography coverage to ensure the complete story of your wedding is recorded in a beautiful, comprehensive, and stress-free manner.

Investments begin at $6,500 and include:
Two photographers for eight hours of coverage, including Zev and a talented associate.
A pre-wedding consultation and planning session.
Individual color correction and enhancement of all final image files.
One year online gallery for all downloading, printing, and sharing photos.
All final high-resolution digital image files, including personal use license for reprint.
Wedding albums are available in collections, as well as a la carte.

Here's what it looks like to work together

Putting my clients at ease is one of the most important parts of my job, and that starts way before the actual wedding day.

In order for you to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera on your big day, I'll work with you to create a timeline that ensures we'll capture every important moment.

But, even before the wedding, we'll be in contact to make the planning as seamless as possible. Here's what a typical process looks like.

Inquiry: Take the first step by reaching out and letting me know you're interested. can do that right here.
Discovery: I'd love to invite you to my office in Somerville (or for a video call) to get to know you and let you get to know me.
Booking: Here, I'll send you a proposal that allows you to move forward and book me as your photographer.
Planning: We'll work together to plan your wedding timeline, including making a detailed list of the most important formal shots you'd like with your family and the special details you've planned. This phase is so important as it sets the foundation for your day to run smoothly, and the timeline gives you a jumping off point for working with your other vendors.
The Big Day: You enjoy your day. Seriously. Here's the moment you've been waiting for. Take everything in. Soak it up. I'll do the rest.
Post Game: Now it's time for a lifetime of Netflix and sweatpants! Great news - you'll receive your images about three weeks after the wedding. If you've decided to create an heirloom wedding album, I'll walk you through the steps to get this started.


Select a question for details...

What's your style like?

Candid, casual, honest. In the end, my biggest goal is to capture pictures that actually look and feel like you. But here's the thing about style. It's my job to capture your love, and every couple is so different. I wouldn't say my style changes significantly from wedding to wedding, but I do believe that your personalities will come out in your images, and each wedding will tell its own story. The number one most important thing to look for in your wedding photographer is that you love the photos they take - and not just their portfolios, but entire wedding galleries from start to finish. I recommend looking through my former blog posts to see complete collections of my previous work, and if you're able to meet in my office, you can peruse my albums and prints.

What makes you stand out from other photographers?

Well for starters, I purposely don't go out for sushi the night before a wedding because I don't want to risk the possibility of a stomach virus. And I promise you I'm not joking here. I take my job very seriously. Hiring a photographer is a big investment, and not simply because of cost, but also because of the trust you put into them to actually capture the perfect images. This isn't a job that I just show up to and go through the motions. I'm emotionally invested because I know the outcome of my work results in an emotional response from the client. When it comes to your wedding, rest assured that we'll prep and plan so that your timeline grants us the ability to get all the shots we need while keeping you comfortable to enjoy your special day.

I'm so anxious about being in front of a camera. How will you help me look natural and feel less self-conscious?

My job as a photographer isn't just to capture photos. It's also to help you calm down and feel comfortable in front of the camera and direct you in the most effective way possible so you look good in them. To do this, that handy timeline helps remove the anxiety on your wedding day. Most people are universally awkward in front of the camera - myself included - it's human nature. But besides that, I'll help you move around the space, converse normally, and act naturally. I promise that taking pictures isn't simply me shouting "Hey look at me!" at you.

Do you bring a second photographer?

Always. Photographers can't be in two places at once. That is - unless they have a second photographer with them! Having a second shooter allows me, as the primary photographer, to take a step back and determine exactly where I need to be to get the best shots. Think of having two photographers as protection to make sure we capture everything of importance. And, I'm grateful to work with a small, dedicated, and well-trained group of photographers that I know and trust.

Who owns my pictures?

You'll get rights for unlimited personal use of your photos, and I'll retain the copyright. This being said, I understand that some clients may not want their images shared (for a variety of reasons). If this is something that's important to you, reach out, and I'll explain the option of including a privacy agreement in your project so that you own all of your images outright.

I want pictures of both me and my partner getting ready, and cocktail hour in addition to family portraits. How can I be sure you can be everywhere at once?

Easy answer: I always have a second shooter with me to ensure we capture all the major moments of your day. We'll know ahead of time about all the tiny details you want images of, like an heirloom brooch on your bouquet or a group picture of your college buddies, and we'll prioritize capturing these shots. Being a wedding photographer for over a decade doesn't simply mean that I have the practice, it also means I've developed sharp decision-making skills to help me decide where I need to be at the exact right time.

My family is less than ordinary. How do I manage getting photos of all the important people in my life?

Is anyone's family that ordinary? I hear this all the time, and I promise I can help you get the exact images your heart desires while making your immediate and extended family comfortable. We'll plan the order so no one gets left out, and anyone who may wish to stay apart can. We also make note in advance of any tense relationships in order to keep things stress free for you. I also make sure our time with your family is efficient, too. We don't need to have your Nana get up and down over and over again. When your guests have posed for their group shots, we'll set them free to celebrate!

I have an unusual photo that I want to capture. Can you accommodate special requests?

Of course! It's your wedding - not mine! Tell me what's important to you, and I'll find a way to make it happen.

Can I buy albums from you?

You bet! In fact, I recommend ordering professional quality prints and albums, and I'm happy to make that process as easy as possible for you. Take a sneak peek here, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have about ordering your favorite images from your big day.

Can we meet?

I'd love to. I've got a Somerville office with a fridge stocked with your favorite beverages. Here, I'll show you wedding albums in person so you can get a sense of my style, and you'll get to know my personality a bit too. And if you can't meet in person, we can still do it over a video call at your convenience.

How do I book?

I like to keep things simple. All I need is a signed contract, a deposit of $500, and your balance will be due two weeks before the wedding.

Where are you based?

My studio is in Somerville, MA, but I regularly travel all over New England and beyond. (And, yes, beyond means anywhere and everywhere.) Reach out as soon as you have a date and location to learn more.

Any other questions? Hit me up!
It's my honor to capture love of all kinds. I wish it went without saying, but just in case, your sexual orientation, gender expression, spiritual beliefs, experiences, and abilities are all part of the joy I plan on celebrating and capturing on your big day.