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"Best Photographer", 2019

I was thrilled to win 'Best of Somerville 2019', voted for by Somervillians! Here is the article in full: 
For someone who travels as much as local wedding photographer Zev Fisher, he's incredibly committed to staying put. "Why would you ever want to leave Somerville?" he says with a laugh. It's understandable, considering this city is where he first explored his love of photography. "When I was [a] super angsty teen, I used to skip school, and ... just walk around Harvard Square with my camera."  
Since his vagabond teen days, Zev graduated from the Art Institute of Boston and landed in Somerville, where he's been photographing weddings for the last 10 years. "I knew I liked photographing people, and weddings just seemed like the best possible excuse to go do that," Zev says. Now, he has a business under his own name, Zev Fisher Photography. 
Though he's a Somerville kid at heart, Zev ventures all over New England. He's also shot in far-off places like St. Lucia, as well as in barns, tea ceremonies, backyards, and big Boston landmarks like the Museum of Fine Art and the Boston Public Library.  
Wherever the wedding, he brings his particular style of photography with him. "I like reaction shots. So for instance, bride and groom walk back down the aisle after the ceremony, all their friends just like rush 'em and start slapping them on the butt, and giving 'em high fives. [T]he actual people are stoked, screaming, hollering, real kind of reaction photos." 
His approach to photographing weddings changed after he experienced his own wedding. "I used to focus way more on the bride and groom," he says. "As I was looking through my wedding photos, they were focused much more on the guests. I realized that it was actually more interesting to see how other people experience the day." 
Zev's ability to capture intimacy and euphoria have landed him other gigs with a family. Several couples have asked him back to photograph their newborns. "It's the best thing ever," he tells me. "I didn't do that until I had a baby myself. Now that I have one ... I totally understand the joy that you're feeling right now, and it's easier to go in and capture that." 
After 10 years, Zev can pinpoint what makes a ceremony memorable. "For me, the venue is not really important," he says. "It's truly all about - are the people present and joyful? And at that kind of wedding the pictures takes themselves." 
~Somerville Scout
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